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Choosing Best Web Hosting in Nepal : Things to Know Before Starting

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web hosting in nepal : thing to know

Choosing best web hosting in Nepal is being easy nowadays. There are many best web hosting company in Nepal who are providing cheapest web hosting. So what is the cost of web hosting in Nepal? What kind of web hosting is called as best web hosting? 

best web hosting in nepal

Speaking in specific terms, web hosting is the act of putting your website or web application on a server, so that everyone on the Internet can access it. In practice, it usually refers to the service you receive from a web hosting provider, such as we will be discussing for the way choosing best web hosting in Nepal.


Anyone who wants to start a website, a blog, or an online store, needs a website hosting to put their content on the internet. After all, if you want to establish yourself on the network, you will want to have a service that keeps your page always available to visitors. Web Site Hosting is a service in which the user saves all the contents and information of his project online on a server. The user rents space on this server and maintains all files and data for his website to work perfectly.

In this article, you will learn more about What is Website Hosting, what types exist, their advantages, and disadvantages. Our intention is that you can find out which service or hosting plan best fits your project on the internet.

What Does a Website Hosting Provider Do?

We can also find free web hosting in Nepal as well but there are many limitations and there is the chance that your website may not long last. So we recommend the premium web hosting for the long run. Web hosting provider company is responsible for providing users with access to the resources contracted in a hosting service. The HAMROHAAT, for example, is a provider of hosting services sites. With website hosting, the company offers services in several plans and packages with resources related to website management. Among the main resources available are:

  • SSL certificate
  • Development tools
  • Email services
  • Page builders
  • AutoInstallers (of software)
  • Automatic backups
  • 24/7 support.
  • and many more

Types of Website Hosting

Choosing best web hosting in Nepal depends upon your need. The basis of what website hosting is and how it works you already know. From now on, you will learn about the existing types of website hosting. Most website hosting providers offer different types of website hosting to meet the needs of their customers. The most common types are: type of hosting

  • Shared Hosting;
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server);
  • Cloud hosting;
  • WordPress hosting;
  • Dedicated Server Hosting.

The bigger your site and the more traffic it receives, the more robust features and packages you will need to keep your project online. So, as a first step, we recommend starting with the most basic plans, which provide resources that cater to smaller sites and start-up blogs. As your project grows on the internet, it is recommended that you upgrade to a hosting package with more features.

Shared Hosting: cheap web hosting in Nepal

Most of the web hosting company in Nepal use shared hosting for there client websites. The reason behind this is, shared web hosting is cheap and managed by hosting provider. A most popular type of website hosting, Shared Hosting is recommended for websites and blogs that are just getting started. In this type, the user shares resources, such as memory, disk space and CPU, with other users on the same server. 


  • Lowest price among all types.
  • No need for technical knowledge to know how to use.
  • The server is pre-configured by the provider.
  • Intuitive and simple to use control panel.
  • The provider is responsible for the administration and maintenance of the server.


  • The user has little or no control over server settings.
  • Your site may be slow if the other sites on the same server use a lot more resources than yours.

VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server (Virtual Private Server). In VPS Hosting, the user continues to share a server with several other users. But the provider makes a portion of it completely dedicated to you, including features like disk space, memory and data processing. VPS is most recommended for sites and blogs that are no longer newbies, are expanding and need more dedicated resources to handle the traffic received. If this is the case, consider upgrading.


  • Your site will not be affected if the resources used by other users are high.
  • The user receives a dedicated space on the shared server (without having to pay for an exclusive server).
  • The server can be accessed via root.
  • For projects with great scalability (growth projection).
  • Highly customizable.


  • Price higher than Shared Hosting.
  • Requires technical knowledge to know how to configure and manage the VPS server.

Cloud Hosting

Also called Hosting in the Cloud, Cloud Hosting in Nepal is considered the most reliable hosting market sites option. That’s because its online uptime rate is almost 100%.  When using a Cloud Hosting, the user receives a package of servers from the hosting provider. User data, information and files are hosted on all servers. Thus, if any of these servers becomes full or gives some kind of problem, the traffic received by the user’s website or blog is redirected to another server. That is, your online business never goes down.


  • The server never goes down ( virtually no downtime ).
  • If the server fails, it will not affect your website, which will continue to function normally.
  • The server resources are provided according to the demand of your business.
  • The user only pays for what he uses.
  • More scalable than VPS Hosting.


  • Price difficult to estimate (cost can vary widely, whether within or outside your budget).
  • Root access to the server is not always possible.

Dedicated Server Hosting

The Hosting Dedicated Server offers a unique physical server to the user. That is, the resources of this type of hosting are directed and used only by your online project, without sharing anything with any other user. Dedicated Server Hosting ensures high flexibility for server customization. The user can choose which operating system and software they want to use, in addition to configuring the entire hosting environment according to their usage needs.


  • User has full control of the server settings.
  • Maximum reliability (you don’t share any resources with other users).
  • Professional support from the hosting provider.
  • Root access to the server.
  • High security.


  • Much higher price than other types of accommodation.
  • Requires technical knowledge to configure and manage the server.

Choosing best web hosting in Nepal: What to Evaluate in a Hosting Plan?

As we know that in Nepal there is only a few servers and datacenters. Most web hosting providers are depending upon other providers from other countries. so we can say that web hosting is Nepal is somehow not in our control. Whether you are going to create a blog, a website or a virtual store, evaluate in advance and service’s features provided by a web hosting company. In general, the basic features that the best web hosting in Nepal has are:

  • Limit of hosted sites. If you intend to host more than one site, the idea is to hire a plan that has a more number of sites. With that, in the same hosting, you can add more than one website.
  • Disk Space. Many of the plans have unlimited disk space, but in some companies, it can be misleading advertising. To find out how much you need, make sure what type of site you want to create. Disk space depends upon your content and size of your website. 
  • Data traffic. Another point is the amount of data that will travel between the server and its users’ computers. Traffic can vary greatly depending on the number of visits the site receives and the size of files it has. 
  • Professional email accounts. Most websites, especially corporate ones, need personalized email accounts with the address of the chosen domain. Each plan offered by hosting companies contains the specification on the number of accounts released.
  • FTP access. If your project on the internet needs file transfers to the server frequently, you need to have FTP access enabled.
  • Backup. This feature is extremely important for you to have data security in case of technical and infrastructure problems that could compromise the information on your website.

While choosing best web hosting in Nepal be sure that hosting provider provides the following features:

The Web Hosting Control Panel

Once you have purchased a website hosting plan, you will have access to your hosting account’s Control Panel. It is through this mechanism that you control, administer and manage all the data, information and tools of your hosting plan. Through the control panel, it is possible to request and contract services, change settings, install applications, check and change your limits, configure e-mails and access other features. The hosting control panel turns out to be a fundamental tool for users. And it is very intuitive and easy to move. Check below what are the main features that you find in a control panel of website hosting.

Domain and Email Management

Each and every control panel contains a domain and email account management field. When you created your website, you registered your domain. So, it is within this tool that you will manage it, in addition to adding domains and making redirects. domain email This field will also help with personalized emails. Here, you can create emails and manage them, such as changing passwords, accessing webmail (it is an email interface that allows the user to read and write using a browser) and other related functions.

File Management

File management is a practical and efficient solution that allows you to browse through the directories of your hosting space. You can also create new folders, files, or perform file transfers between existing directories. file manager The appearance of a File Manager is intuitive and similar to what is already found on the computers themselves. Windows Explorer, for example, is very similar to a file manager found in a hosting control panel. For you to have better performance and manage your files, this feature may not be the most suitable yet, as it can slow down the transfer and upload processes. Instead, you can use an FTP program, achieving greater efficiency in these operational commands.

Installing Applications

The use of applications is significant in the creation of the sites, as they end up being practical and quick solutions to develop your project. auto installer Many of the website hosting services already offer several applications ready for you to use through your website hosting control panel. You have access to these applications and software through AutoInstalador. Below are some of the more common content generation, platform building and website structure applications.

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • PrestaShop
  • FluxBB

Service Usage Statistics

Statistics are for you to check the use of resources on your site. Such as memory, CPU, number of visits, the origin of visitors’ traffic, or even the most visited pages. This is important information that influences the publication of content on your website. resources Knowing how to analyze these statistics can make a difference in the success of your business, as it is with them that you can understand and plan where you should direct your content and drive the growth of your project. If you prefer, a very common tool for data analysis is Google Analytics, as it is possible to obtain traffic and visitor data. In this way, many people started to see page statistics through this tool. And it is free.

Database Management

Creating and managing the database is much easier with the direct use of the website hosting control panel. In addition to the basic functions, the user has a graphical interface at hand that allows access to the database through the browser. database One of the most common database management software found on website hosting panels is PhPMyAdmin. In other cases, it is also possible to work and manage databases in MySQL language.

Advanced Features

Professionals and users with great knowledge also have very specific tools within the control panel for managing their hosting. advance Several features are possible. Some of the main ones are allowing access via SSH (terminal), installing an SSL  certificate and editing PHP settings.  Even with these more advanced features in hand, experienced users end up preferring to manage their website hosting via command lines. With that, these users will eventually use the control panel for management. HAMROHAAT also is purely cloud hosting provider. We rent a server from renown cloud hosting provider such as Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, Amazon(AWS), Alibaba, Azure. We are here to fully manage your website


Congratulations! Now that you know the best way of choosing a web hosting in Nepal. Now it’s time to get your project off the ground. Start a blog, create a website or set up an online store right now. Build your online presence and win new visitors every day. And, if you need any help or guidance, WebLink can help you get there. Use the comments below to get in touch with us. We are waiting for your message!


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