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Free SSL Certificate for Lifetime

by | May 17, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

free ssl certificate for lifetime

Would you like to know how to register Free SSL certificate for lifetime with your domain? If you haven’t noticed it yet, check out the permalink above.

free ssl

There you will find HTTPS: // appearing in front of my domain instead of the usual HTTP: //.

And guess what? I did it for free !! I did not pay any money and I was able to implement this excellent security service on this website.

But wait, do you have hosting that allows you to install free SSL certificates for your website? If not, don’t worry I have a solution for you also.

Before starting, let’s go over a brief description of the SSL certificate and HTTP.

What is an SSL certificate?

free ssl certificate for lifetime

SSL or “Secure Sockets Layer”. Secure Sockets Layer is a protocol designed to allow applications to transmit information safely and securely. Applications that use SSL certificates are able to manage the sending and receiving of protection keys and to encrypt/decrypt the information transmitted using the same keys.

To know more about SSL Certificate Authority, we suggest you check this Wikipedia page

How does SSL work?

Some applications are already able to receive connections through the use of ‘SSL, among these, we find web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox, mail management programs such as Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail app, and SFTP programs (Secure File Transfer Protocol).

To establish a secure connection via SSL, your application must have a protection key, a key that must be assigned by a competent authority that will issue it in the form of a certificate.

SEO benefits of switching to HTTPS

If you’re following Google’s recommendations, it’s even easier to decide on HTTP vs. HTTPS – switching to HTTPS will benefit you and your site’s security. For your consideration, there are also some additional SEO benefits. Google gives priority to the sites with https.

How to use free SSL Certificate for lifetime?

Let’s  encrypt

Let’s Encrypt is a certification authority that provides people with the necessary security certificates to enable HTTPS (SSL / TLS) for their websites. All Let’s Encrypt certificates are available for free for a lifetime to all our customers and we automatically issue them for all domains hosted domain on our shared servers.

To install Let’s Encrypt,

Setp:1 – Go to cPanel → Security tab → Let’s Encrypt.

best free ssl certificates

In this interface, you can view your active certificates, and also install free SSL for other domain as well. Here I am installing free SSL for my domain.

Sept:2 – Click on + Issue

free ssl certificate by lets encrypt

Step:3 – If you want to install SSL for cPanel,webmail then you should check the box (webmail,cpanel,webmail,webdisk,cpcontacts,cpcalendars,whm)

issue ssl certificate free

Now your free SSL Certificate is Installed. With Hamro Web Host, SSL certificates will be renewed automatically every 3 months, so you don’t have to do this manually.

Cloudflare free SSL certificates for lifetime

Cloudflare is basically a reverse proxy that is a server placed between a web server and a visitor. It is also a medium that redistributes content and therefore also allows sites to speed up and optimized through caching mechanisms.

Cloudflare not only provides free SSL certificates but also allows us to manage many aspects of our site such as cache management, analytics, firewalls and DDoS security. In this guide, we will only look at how to use SSL services.

Cloudflare has several options that allow you to enable the free SSL protocol on websites.

Cloudflare allows intuitive installation and through the flexible SSL plugin and you will be able to exploit its full potential. Let’s take a look through this tutorial:

Step:1 – Sign Up and create a user account in Cloudflare from here.

Step:2 – Login to your Cloudflare accounts

Step:3 – Add the site’s domain name after logging your account.

free ssl certificate with cloudflare

Step:4 – Provide your domain and click Add site

free ssl cloudflare

Step:5 – Select the plan you want

free ssl certificate for lifetime

Step:6 – Press the “Confirm plan” button and wait for the Cloudflare to scan.

cloudflare ssl

Step:7 – Press the “Continue” button, and Cloudflare will provide you there nameserver if you have order free plan from them.

Step:8 – Go to the domain panel and change the nameserver given by Cloudflare in place of default nameservers. Then click Done, check nameservers button.

Step: 9 – Now you will be given option to Select SSL option. You have four option to select. They are

  1. Off (not secure)
  2. Flexible
  3. Full
  4. Full ( strict)

lifetime free ssl

Here I have selected full SSL mode. This will automatically add an SSL certificate for my website. And also make sure to on Always Use HTTPS option.

cloudflare free ssl

And finally, click on Done button and wait for 10-15 minutes. Now SSL is fully installed to your site via Cloudflare.

Wow, that’s great now we have completely installed the free SSL certificate for lifetime with the help of Let’s Encrypt and Cloudflare.

With our hosting, you will get a free SSL certificate for every account hosted in our server. We provide Let’s Encrypt SSL, Auto SSL from cPanel and  Cloudflare integration with cPanel.


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