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6 Most Common Problem of Hosting Providers in 2020

by | May 23, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

problems of hosting providers

What could be the most common problem of hosting providers in 2020? It’s 2020 and it’s important to have a web site for your online business. Yes finding a hosting is easy however discovering a great one can take a while.

Many folks have to change hosting a couple of times before discovering an organization that works greatest for them. That may not sound like a lot, however troubleshooting, talking to support, and migrating web sites are topic of headache when you will have a business to run.

Choose the hosting to focus your online business first. How do you do this?

Here you study the most commom errors with regards to hosting providers.

The first Problem of Hosting Providers is Security

problem of hosting providers is security

The biggest drawback you may run when it comes to hosting is security. If a hosting company doesn’t provide automated backups, doesn’t update SSL certificates in time, doesn’t provide safety against DDoS attacks it is your bad selection. Check that all of these parameters are listed in the price plan earlier than you make a purchase order.

The Second Problem of Hosting Provider is Lack of Flexibility and Scalability

You need it to develop and evolve your website together with your needs. As your business grows, so do your needs. An excellent web host makes it easy to measure your online business. 

You desire a web host that offers a great deal of flexibility. For instance, in case you have a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or dedicated hosting, does your host permit for unlimited data transfer? 

You additionally do not need to overpay for hosting. A flexible host presents a number of plans so you’re solely paying for the information you really use. That means you may improve (or downgrade) your service based in your wants. Make certain your web host is flexible enough to develop your web site.

The Third Problem of Hosting Providers is Uptime

If the hosting servers are down, visitors can’t access your web site and you’re losing money for each moment. When selecting a hosting, be sure to select a fixed uptime, 99% and above.

But simply do not consider what the host advertises. View uptime information on third-party web sites. Make certain these web sites will not be affiliated with any of the hosting providers and don’t inflate the facts.

problem of hosting provider uptime

A hosting provider can promise 100% uptime but when it encounters software program bugs, hardware failures, or power outages, the promise is broken. In this time you may not be satisfied and wish your money back. So be sure to check that your hosting providers has a money-back guarantee.

Look for hosting providers that have a decent system to recover your losses during downtime. Some providers will pay you each minute of downtime, some will credit the money for future payments, and a few will solely refund your cash if you reported on downtime.

The Fourth Problem of Hosting Providers is Hardware Fault

problem of hosting providers

Many individuals who need to host a web site do not likely know the technology. Check the hardware specs web page in your hosting provider’s website. Though you don’t know the hardware technology you get some information and can research further. 

See the Hardware Specification if you do not know what you are paying for. Even if the CPU and GPU models do not inform you a lot, you recognize that this provider is not hiding anything.

So you need to verify what form of memory you get (SSD is always better than HDD) and the amount of RAM dedicated to you in shared hosting. You don’t need more than 1024 MB  to run a medium-sized WordPress web site.

If you count on more visitors or your web site is heavy, it’s essential to take extra RAM. Look for providers that enable RAM utilization to blow up so you do not run out of sources throughout peak hours.

The Fifth Problem of Hosting Providers is Server location

hosting problem

For most users, the Internet seems instant, but it takes a while to travel from the data server that hosts the web site to the user’s browser. If that time is more than 5 seconds, you run an high danger of dropping a buyer.

This is why you need servers to be situated near your target audience. If you’re focusing on more than one nation, there are a Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers which distributed the content globally.

There are many on-line server speed testing tools that enable you to get a concept of ​​the server response times.

problem of web hosting

Main Problem of Hosting Providers is  Support

If the security and hardware of hosting are good but the support is not quick sufficient, you will not be able to enjoy the first two. Replying to support ticket for 2 days can be worse than a discount, and you don’t even get a refund for it.

Find web hosting providers which have good reviews about quick ticket response rates and their support. Search the web for this data or contact support and see how fast your response is.


There are many other problem of hosting providers. These are some of the key factors to consider when evaluating your web hosting. Web hosting covers a lot of issues, so it is important to make sure you carefully consider your own needs. If you are looking for reliable, secure and affordable web hosting.

If you are searching for secured, reliable and flexible, cloud web hosting we are here. We have 99.99% of uptimes. Not only that you can also select the location that is suitable for your targeted audience. We provide Cloud web hosting from reputed cloud providers like Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, AWS, Ali Baba, Azure.


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